Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Retina delivers large-scale, cross-platform vulnerability assessment and remediation, with available configuration compliance, patch management and compliance reporting.

Enterprise Vulnerability Management for Your Dynamic IT Infrastructure

Retina CS is the only vulnerability management solution designed from the ground up to provide organizations with context-aware vulnerability assessment and risk analysis. Retina’s results-oriented architecture works with users to proactively identify security exposures, analyze business impact, and plan and conduct remediation across disparate and heterogeneous infrastructure. Over 10,000 customers worldwide rely on Retina to enable visible, measurable and actionable vulnerability management across their organizations. Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management enables you to:

  • Discover network, web, mobile, cloud and virtual infrastructure
  • Profile asset configuration and risk potential
  • Pinpoint vulnerabilities, malware and attacks
  • Analyze threat potential and return on remediation
  • Remediate vulnerabilities via integrated patch management
  • Report on vulnerabilities, compliance, benchmarks, etc.
  • Protect endpoints against client-side attacks
Watch Video: The 5 Keys to Context-Aware Vulnerability Management

Learn about Retina’s 5 Keys to Context-Aware Vulnerability Management

Gartner 2014

"[Retina's] long history with large deployments and advanced data analysis tools should be a value to enterprises looking to improve their vulnerability management practices."

- Gartner, Vulnerability and Security Configuration Assessment Solutions Comparison, Anton Chuvakin, 4.1.2014

"Using this console, security professionals and system administrators alike can easily find and analyze weaknesses throughout the entire enterprise infrastructure."


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Keeping Track of Shellshock Vulnerabilities with Retina CS and BeyondInsight


Worried about BASH Shellshock? Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management can scan your environment to identify applications affected by Shellshock. BeyondTrust has generated several Retina vulnerability audits to help our customers identify the various permutations of applications affected by Shellshock. The BeyondInsight Analytics and Reporting engine, included with Retina CS, makes it simple to view and... more

Where Passive Scanning Falls Short


In many sports, as in business, teams will promote a strategy to gain an edge – even if the concept is possibly flawed. Consider an American football hurry-up offense: will it cause the defense to stumble, or will it just exhaust the offense? The play has potential pros and cons, and many strategic technologies are... more

Tidings from the Year 2036: The Search for Relevant Security Data


A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about finding personal information online. I recently Googled myself again to see who knows what about me. I expected to find some posts and papers I’ve written, and maybe some of my contact details. Instead, the majority of the first-page results associate my name with a... more

Identifying Android Phone Vulnerabilities that Threaten Your Corporate Network


According to a recent McKinsey survey, more than 80% of employees now use personal smartphones for work-related purposes. Vulnerable smartphones can spread malware to business infrastructure via emailed attachments and to corporate networks through bots. Assessing mobile devices for vulnerabilities that could lead to infections and data manipulation is therefore a real concern for data... more

BeyondTrust Receives 5 Star Rating from SC Magazine


Recently our UVM20 Security Management Appliance received a perfect 5-star review + “Best Buy” recognition from SC Magazine. Read the full review here. The UVM20 includes several pre-installed and pre-configured solutions: Retina Network Security Scanner, PowerBroker for UNIX/Linux, and PowerBroker for Windows, plus our patch management, regulatory reporting and configuration compliance modules — in addition... more

Retina Performs Continuous Vulnerability Assessment


SANS Critical Control 4 specifies criteria for continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation. This specification calls for vulnerabilities to be continuously assessed, correlated, and reported upon in real-time based on public disclosure and identification of new or changed assets. Critical Control 4 is mandated by many government agencies, and requires prompt automated remediation that adheres to... more

Building Automated Vulnerability Audit Groups


From time to time, the field engineering team and I see the same request cross our desks in a short period of time. This time it was how to remove certain types of audits from running when performing a vulnerability scan originating from Retina CS. The old way of doing things would have required the... more

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Retina CS 4.5


I honestly believe we have the best pre-sales, post sales, and technical support departments in the security industry. They are responsive, technical, and can customize BeyondTrust solutions to match individual business requirements, even when they are pretty comprehensive outside-of-the-box. Based on their work, we have an internal process and external knowledge base to document these... more

Controlling User Accounts and Regulatory Compliance


PCI DSS Requirement 8 requires that organizations must be able to identify and log all user and administrative access to information systems and applications containing credit card and personally identifiable information. In addition, environments must also have a unique ID for every individual that will have computer access to these systems.  This simple requirement can... more

What can the Retina CS Threat Management Console do for me?


I am spending this week at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. It is a change for me. I am attending as a participant partner verses working the traditional conference trade show booth. This is relevant to the blog because as a I network with other partners, I find myself explaining BeyondTrust as a dynamic security... more

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Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Delivers large-scale, cross-platform vulnerability assessment and remediation, with available configuration compliance, patch management and compliance reporting.

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Retina Network Security Scanner Unlimited

Integrated network, web & virtual vulnerability assessment for $1,200. Retina is the security industry’s most respected and industry-validated security scanner and serves as the engine for our vulnerability management solutions. There is no better option for securing your network from vulnerabilities.

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Retina Web Security Scanner

Rapidly and accurately scan large, complex web sites and web applications to tackle web-based vulnerabilities including cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection.

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Retina Protection Agent

A lightweight agent for local vulnerability assessment, continuous zero-day vulnerability monitoring, and intrusion prevention.

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PowerBroker Identity Services

Quickly and easily integrate your Linux and UNIX servers into your Active Directory infrastructure.

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PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition

Available as a free and open source version of PowerBroker Identity Services, giving you the access and flexibility to tailor your Active Directory bridging project

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PowerBroker UNIX & Linux

Quickly and easily manage root access on UNIX and Linux servers, without ever disclosing the system password.

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PowerBroker for Windows

Implement least privilege for your Windows desktop environment, reducing attack surface and driving down costs.

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PowerBroker Auditor for Active Directory

Track unauthorized changes to Active Directory and Group Policy configurations.

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PowerBroker Endpoint Protection Platform

Formerly known as "Blink", multi-layered security and attack prevention for windows desktops and servers.

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PowerBroker Auditor for Active Directory

Advanced continuous data protection for Active Directory, providing unparalleled visibility and change control.

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PowerBroker Password Safe

Automate Password Management for Increased Security across your entire dynamic infrastructure.

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PowerBroker Servers Enterprise

Combine the power of our UNIX/Linux root delegation and our AD bridging for an enterprise approach to server compliance

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Merge privileged account management and vulnerability management solutions into a single, contextual lens through which to view and address user and asset risk.

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Configuration Compliance Module

Define and manage security policies to monitor compliance with industry and internally developed benchmarks such as Microsoft, NIST, USBCG, and DISA STIGs.

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Regulatory Reporting Module

Automated solutions to help navigate complex corporate policies, government regulations, and industry standards such as SOX, PCI, FISMA, and ISO.

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Patch Management Module

Seamlessly integrated, automated, agentless Windows patch management closes the loop on unpatched vulnerabilities.

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